Saturday, February 25, 2017

Southern Magnolia in oils on canvas, original oil painting 8" x 8" x 1.5" deep by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

I am starting on a colorful magnolia bloom. I remember as a young child my dad planting a small sapling of a Magnolia tree in our front yard. Living in Louisiana, where that is the state flower, as well as the state of Mississippi, where my dad was born, I think he really felt that was something he could do to represent his two favorite states, as well as he loved seeing the gorgeous, velvety blooms. I've titled this simply,"Southern Magnolia", in honor of my Dad. 

I am working pretty quickly here, adding in a dark blue background. I have already planned that this will not be the "normal" colors of a magnolia flower. I like to think this will be more of a cast shadow look. Can you see our MaLee sleeping on her heated bed? She is such a sweet girl. 
Here I've started to slow down, and apply a little coloring here and there. Trying to create a curve to the Magnolia petals. I am deepening the background coloring. a very deep blue. I want all of the colors in the petals to show up, and I think the blue will compliment the various colors, as well as allow the green in the leaves to show subtly.
At times I really mean to capture more of my painting stages, but I get "carried away" and I still have a few frustrating moments when I paint (why can't the paint flow from my brain to my hand, to the canvas without any interruptions???), so a camera is the last thing on my mind! I hope you like the end results. If you'd like to purchase this painting, or any of my other works, please visit my Etsy Shop. All of my prices, as well as more information on each piece of art work are listed in my shop.

Please click on the link below,out of this white box,which will take you directly to my Etsy Shop, where you will find "Southern Magnolia".If you aren't able to click and open, please go to the Etsy Icon in my blog, up toward the top. Please, click on the ETSY box.
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Thank you for reading my blog, and looking at my work!

MaLee enjoys playing with her mousy-mice!

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