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Jaguar steps to painting in oils by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

Welcome to my art blog!!!

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 I hope that you've enjoyed my steps to painting a gorgeous Jaguar. I think they are such elegant cats! I hope you'll return soon to read my other blogs!

Blessings, Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

The Pink Tango Roseate birds in oils on canvas by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art


Ain't He Purty... Macaw portrait in oils by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art


Painting a leopard in oils on a wood panel by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art


The Power of the Cross angels palette knife original art in oils by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

I had an idea using more angels, but I thought I should add the very purpose of angels-the one who made us all, our Lord God, who became flesh and dwelt among us, died on a cross, so we might all be saved from our sins! The sketch is ready!

I lay in my darkest "darks", and get a good thinly-painted (wash) outline in before I start adding texture from my palette knife, and the fully loaded thin brushes I'll use for smaller details I'd like to make.

Here is my finished work. I've used a lot of Renaissance Gold oil paint on the cross, to make it pop with color! I love it! Very textured! I love the read heart in the center of the cross, which means His great love, like no other, who died for us- shed His blood, so He could one day bring us back to Him in heaven!

I hope you'll visit my Etsy Shop to see this piece, as well as others I have listed for sale.

Blessings …

Peaches and Hidden Cookies original oil painting palette knife by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

I enjoy taking custom orders. Please contact me from this blog, or my Etsy Shop- any page should show you a way to contact me. 
Blessings and happy eating!
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Paris in the Rain original oil painting by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

Sharing one of my many memories from my trip to Paris, France. I loved the hustle of the city, and especially the quick little rain showers that happened almost daily, many in the late evenings. I can recall looking out of our hotel balcony, during these quick pour-downs, watching the ladies running [home] with thier fresh baked baguettes, with a delicious scone or two. Or, maybe bags loaded up with fresh vegetables for a nice green salad.

This is painted on a 5" x 7" artist panel, added texture to the quality oil paints, ready for you to frame and hang in your favorite room or office nook. Great for small apartment spaces, or the start (or an addition) of a collage wall of original oil paintings.

Please click on the link below to go directly to this listing in my Etsy Shop.

I love taking custom orders, so please feel free to contact me from this blog, or from my Etsy Shop- on any page.


Lookout Ladies! Painting a male peacock original in oils by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art


Green Apples, I would say Three Green Apples, but someone was hungry! Oils on canvas Sandra Cutrer Fine Art