Painting purple Clematis in oil paints, and a Crepe Myrtle tree not massacred by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

I love Clematis, and I don't know why I haven't painted it before. Clematis is actually a gorgeous flowering, easy-to-grow vine. So, here goes. 

I start off with some dark purples, and the red that I see in the blooms. I think i ma going with a textured look. I've already dipped into the background with greens. I use a Phthalo green, Sap green, and Thalo yellow green. I also add some French Ultra Marine blue in the mix at times- for the darker greens.

I work fast, so I don't "over-work" my piece. A close-up shot reveals lose and large strokes. I use a palette knife, as well as a large and small brush,

Here is a shot of the canvas side. Although it is only a .75" wrapped canvas, I usually try to always paint the sides of my canvases, just in case my buyer would rather not frame the work.

A shot of a timid bloom.

The finished painting.

I hope you've enjoyed a few steps in my painting process. Please click on the link provided below to go directly to my Etsy Shop, where this piece is listed for sale.

So, what about the NOT massacred Crepe Myrtle tree I mentioned in my blog title? Well, here it is , in full bloom, with open and un-hacked arms! I do NOT chop the dead (not really dead, but people here in Texas seem to think they are dead) limbs of winter ( what winter- last year we had maybe one day that dropped down to 32 degrees).... I love the free growing natural look of Crepe Myrtle trees, which puts out a huge and cool shade from the burning heat of the Texas sun. I never saw the massacre of Crepe Myrle trees until we moved here to southeast Texas. I am not saying they are the only ones who massacre the CM's, but I am saying I don't like it. Let them grow. The ugly knots the chopping leaves are just that- UGLY!!!

Blessings to you and yours, 
Sandra Cutrer
Fine Art

....and PLEASE, don't hack off any lovely Crepe Myrtle limbs! 

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