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The Month of June, Can I Get an Amen, or an Oh Me?

We all know the month of June means spring has finished her work, everything is green,blooming at its fullest (if not finished for the year), weddings are taking place (June still ranks as having most weddings out of any month of the year)....

and then there is the heat.

Living in southeast Texas, we are already experiencing mid 90 degree days, with humidity making it feel like it is in the lower 100's... and the first day of summer hasn't made its grand entrance yet- at least not according to our calender's.

I'm not sure about you, but I'd rather be some place cool, relaxing on a heavily-shaded screened  porch, with a great breeze blowing through the screen. I can picture myself, holding a tall glass of iced tea, and catching a glimpse of a soft hammock,swaying in a cozy corner, calling my name...

I'm attaching one of my favorite paintings... maybe it will help us get through this hot day... thinking about the polar bears, skimming across the ice..

 In order …