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God, Please forgive us, and bless America by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

God, Please forgive us, and bless America.

Okay, so we are still a VERY, VERY blessed country. But, doesn't it make you the least little bit sad that America isn't the same America you grew-up knowing? I mean, especially if you are in my baby-boomer age group.

I recall so vividly, as a small child,  about the only fear I had was of my mother calling me to come home, and my not hearing her because I was a little too far away on my bicycle. Or, of not having enough money from my younger brother and I returning cast-off empty soda bottles for candy money, and not having enough to buy two Hershey bars at once.

I remember one of the highlights of our lives, as a family, were going on summer vacations, and attending my brother's Little League baseball games, at our neighborhood ball park.

In my wildest dreams, nor ever would it have entered into my mind, that some crazed person, mad about politics, would enter an area around innocent people practicing for a fund-raiser ball game…