Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Child's Play by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

 I don't call myself a portrait painter, but there are times that I really enjoy painting children. I love seeing the mischief in their eyes, and the wheels of play turning over in their minds. It does my heart good to see them pretending, making up stories, enjoying a book, toy, or playing outside, verses wearing their thumbs out on an I-pad, or cellphone...

A drawing in pastel pencils helps me to prepare for redrawing on canvas, and painting in oils.

Building up layers of oil paint.

Applying the face coloring.
The finished painting. This one makes me smile!!!

***Although this one has sold, please visit my Etsy Shop to view other art work I have for sale.

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Thanks for reading my blog, and looking at my work!

Sandra Cutrer
 Fine Art

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