Thursday, June 22, 2017

Still Life Oil Painting of flowers in an old blue Mason Jar, Ceramic bird, by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

My husband and I enjoy "antique"shopping. Of course, at our age, we tend to look at most things not being antiques, but more like "vintage" items... We don't usually buy much when we go (these folks need to come by my house and buy some things from me!), but I was able to find an old blue Mason jar, with the original metal lid, and milky glass insert, at a great price while we were in a small town in Northeast Texas. I added a bunch of Hydrangeas, as well as my adorable ceramic bird (green- my favorite color). The flowers have added texture. Please click on the link next to the photo, to go directly to my Etsy Shop in order to view a couple of close-ups of this painting.

I was curious about whether a Mason jar, and a Ball jar were the same.Thanks to Wikipedia, they were made by the same company. A neat fact!

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Sandra Cutrer
Fine Art

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