Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Painting a leopard in oils on a wood panel by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

I have a good likeness of my leopard portrait, and have used a mixture of French Ultramarine blue and Alazarin Crimson red, thinning it by adding a little of my odorless turp. I am using a photo reference,which isn't from my own (huge) collection.I have written permission to use this wonderful photo- any way I'd like- by the  original photographer. Always ask if you plan on using  other's work. Obtaining written permission is highly recommend!

I've added a blend of earth tones, which are a perfect match for the leopard, whose coloring is made especially to camouflage it in the jungle brush- in order to catch its meal, and keep it safe from predators as well.

I've added a lighter layer on top of the earth undertones. Isn't this a gorgeous animal, created by our wonderful, amazing creator? I think so when I paint each one., knowing I could never get it in paint like HE has by just speaking!

I've completed this glorious creature. His eyes speak to my soul, wanting peace, and the sweet freedom to live his life the way God intended.

I hope you are enjoying my post. Please take time to visit my Etsy Shop. I love taking custom orders, and can paint just about anything that you or I can come up with!

May you be blessed, with the freedom of worshiping a loving God, in the wonderful freedom-loving country of America. God has surely blessed us all!

Sandra Cutrer
Fine Art
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