Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jaguar steps to painting in oils by Sandra Cutrer Fine Art

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I start with my sketch, and focus first- always- on the darkest areas. I like to refer to these as "the darks and the darkest darks. .Where are they? How dark? Lets' make a mix! I use  Alizarin crimson red and equal parts Ultra marine blue to make my "black".You will rarely ever use black from the tube! It is too dark, and there are not any true backs in nature. Black is not considered an actual color on the color wheel. BTW, neither is white!

Here you can see that I've used a wash of the color mix. Meaning, I thin the dark mixture with some odorless turps. You might think of it as a purple, and not a black. If it is too 'purple', add some more of the ultramarine blue to your mix. NO BLACK  :)

Here you can see that I've worked on those dark ares, and started a mix for his golden fur. Try to enjoy mixing up a batch of the colors from the artist color wheel. See what  looks good, and take notes on how much of each color you added. You'll be able to mix faster as you continue to paint.

Here is a close-up shot of his head. As you can see,I am layering the paint. Take your time, allow your paint to dry some before you try adding another layer. The best way for me to be patient with that is to have 2 or 3 paintings going on at the same time. I'll confess, I've had 5- 6 going on at once- rarely, but I have done it. WHAT FUN!!!

As you can see, I've started adding in detail to the stone/ cave area. 

Here he is- finished! I am very satisfied with the completed painting. I've titled him. Please go to my Etsy shop to view this painting listed for sale! Just click on the link below:

 I hope that you've enjoyed my steps to painting a gorgeous Jaguar. I think they are such elegant cats! I hope you'll return soon to read my other blogs!

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